About Us

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we know how important your fur friend is to your family. That’s why we create our dog biscuits and treats with honest, natural, and organic ingredients.

In addition to providing healthy and yummy dog treats, we also make all-natural dog soaps to keep your pooch clean. Our handmade soaps not only smell great but protect your dog from fleas, too.

Our Mission

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we know that caring pet parents want to know what they are feeding to their dogs is safe and beneficial to their overall well-being. It’s our mission to provide healthy treats for dogs and puppies, which is why we never include processed ingredients in any of our recipes.

Baked by people that love your pets just as much as you do, whenever possible, we choose locally-sourced ingredients for the highest-quality dog treats possible. We believe that dogs deserve healthy treats so that they can live healthier, happier lives. As a non-discriminatory company, we produce both grain and grain-free treats so all pups can enjoy.

Meet Our Team

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, each Big Daddy Biscuit is hand stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Daddy Biscuit Owner and Founder, Big Mama, and her team of local bakers. Created with loving-care, our company is focused on creating a high-quality product that your dog is sure to gobble-up.

Meet Big Daddy


Big Daddy – the dog that inspired the healthy biscuit movement! Big Daddy Biscuits was born when owner Lauren Janis, aka Big Mama, rescued her pup ‘Big Daddy’ off the streets, she fed her furry friend organic, nourishing food, which helped turn his life around. With lots of food and love, Big Daddy was nursed back to health quickly.

Although Big Daddy is a bit older now, and has lost his hearing and vision, he is still pretty cute and enjoys all of the healthy treats from Big Mama.

Meet Big Mama


Leaving her corporate job to launch Big Daddy Biscuits, Lauren Janis made it her mission to help other dogs be as happy and healthy as Big Daddy. Not only are these treats natural, tasty, and perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, Lauren uses locally sourced ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia, whenever possible to support her community.

Shop Big Daddy Biscuits Online

Big Daddy Biscuits are sold in 7.5 ounce bags and come in a variety of yummy flavors such as ‘You Had Me at Bacon,’ ‘Dinner Mints,’ ‘Grain-Free Peanut Butter,’ and ‘Crunchy Peanut Butter.’

Explore our store to find a special treat for your furry friend! Can’t decide between our great smelling soap and delicious dog treats? Gift certificates are available so that you can treat your fellow dog-loving friends and family!

With human-grade ingredients you trust and know, you’ll feel good about feeding your pet an organic treat from Big Daddy Biscuits.