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Big Daddy is Back…Kind of……..

Ladies, gentlemen, and biscuit lovers everywhere: Big Daddy is BACK! You may wonder how that’s possible if you read my last blog post. You see, I’m still “gone” in that earthly sense, but you’ll be hearing from me regularly again now that I’m all settled in over here on the other side of the biscuit bridge.

The same inspirational powers that Big Mama saw in me are considered special here, too. Word got out that I had a very important job back home, spreading joy to all of the canine kind via Big Mama’s baking talents. I’m a dog with great responsibility, a sense of purpose: a duty to share happiness and educational information for PAWrents. That hasn’t changed one bit; even though I’m resting, my spirit needs to continue me and Mama’s work in any way I can. Between naps, of course.

When I first got here, I had the honor of being the biscuit bridge gate-keeper. That means I was posted at the entrance to the bridge – which showed off my good boy “sit” skills really well…Big Mama would be SO proud – and presented every dog crossing with a special “Welcome” biscuit, holding their paw and showing them the way while telling them it will be ok.

I finally got to meet the famous Lexi.  She lived with our friends Al and Diane and I was sad to see them so sad but I hope they know she is in good hands with me.   She is missed by all that loved her and is now hanging with all the pups that are crossed before her.  Her human sister took this photo of her and now helps Big Mama bake the treats.  Pretty cool, they have known one another since they were kids.  



I am ready to come back and keep you up to date on what Big Mama is doing (since I can see everything now) and so that I can make sure my legacy at Big Daddy Biscuits is never forgotten. If only you could see my butt wigglin’ now! I just can’t wait to keep you posted on all the amazing things Big Mama is cooking up…sure wish I could taste them myself, but just watching over everyone back home is plenty good for me. Barkin’ at ya from the biscuit bridge, it’s Big Daddy and boy oh boy, it feels good to be BACK!