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Organic Valentine’s Day Dog Treats & Breath Mints For Your Dog

Oh, hi again! Big Daddy here. Today I want to talk about a holiday that most dogs seem to overlook — Valentine’s Day. It may be because of our “dog breath” but these days it seems like it’s getting really hard for us dogs to meet other dogs and go on a date. And we always have to have a chaperone, like our moms or dads, but that shouldn’t ruin our fun. Maybe you can try to find a date at the dog park? But if you have bad breath (and what dog doesn’t), and you feel like it’s keeping you from getting a date, my Mama cures bad breath in dogs in the most delicious way possible…in the form of a yummy treat. But for the record, I don’t think my breath is that stinky…well, most of the time. But Mama still lets me give her kisses, and that’s all that matters. Hey, maybe I can’t get a date because I’m mama’s boy? Nobody asked you.  
And if you’re a dog reading this, my Mama also has everything you need to get ready for that fancy date night with your favorite dog park friend. In addition to breath mints, my Mama has some really nice smelling handmade dog soap, so you’re smelling fresh for your date, and even special Valentine’s Day biscuits to give to that special someone.

Valentine’s Day Dog Biscuitsts
These biscuits are so cute and so delicious. And you can get them grain free or with grains — but either way, my Mama says they’re organic dog treats, so that means they’re extra delicious and extra good for you. They come in X’s and O’s, and an “I *Heart* You” message, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about. There are also heart-shaped treats with dogs and bones on them. You’ll definitely wow your Valentine’s date with these. There are also “Grain-Free Mini Twist” dog treats that are available year-round. And they taste like delicious, delicious peanut butter. Yum!!!!

    Dog Breath Mints
So why in the world are these mints black…and how can they possibly taste good? As it turns out, these dinner mints dog breath biscuits are made out of brown rice flour, mint, parsley, and something called “activated charcoal,” which that’s supposed to help your belly. Because apparently if your belly has problems or if food stays in your stomach longer than most dogs, you’ll have bad breath (and that goes for humans, too). The charcoal helps soak up liquids and odors that come from our tummies and out of our mouths once we eat the treats. And then our breath is fresh and ready for our date (or Mama kisses).

Handmade Dog Soap
Handmade dog soap

Hey, even though we smell each other’s butts for a greeting doesn’t mean we don’t like to smell nice and for our special friends to smell nice. My Mama’s handmade dog soap not only smells like something called lavender, but my Mama says that there is stuff in there called eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass, too.  And it kills those nasty, mean fleas. So smelling nice for your Valentine’s Day date, and not having fleas, I’d say it is a win-win for this dog.  

Oh! One more thing before I have to go. If you sign up for my Mama’s newsletter, you will get 15 percent off your first order. So what better time to splurge on some Valentine’s Day dog treats for that special pup in your life? And humans, I’m sure your furkids wouldn’t mind some delicious Valentine’s Day dog treats as a gift. You can’t forget about us as “people” you love and want to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day. Well, that’s it for now, I’m about to go eat a breath mint treat and get ready for a date with my Mama because let’s face it, there’s no other woman out there for me. She’s the best and I wuff her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Big Daddy