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Daddy’s Winter Favorites: Warm Sweaters For Dogs

Brrrrrr. Hi, there. Big Daddy here. I don’t know if you heard, but it’s been collllllld in the south, where I live. We’ve been getting a lot of white stuff that I’ve never really seen a lot of. Big Mamma calls it snow. I call it gross. Thankfully, I have my favorite cozy Chilly Dog sweaters to keep me warm, that and snuggles from my Mama. Oh, and my Mama didn’t want to forget the humans when it’s this cold, so she has warm things that go on your head to keep you warm. And what’s really cool about these? My face is on there. That’s right. I’m so handsome.

Today I’m here to tell you about my favorite sweaters and model some of them for you, in case your dog thinks this snow and cold stuff is gross, too. My favorite sweaters are the Chilly Dog Sweaters, and the name is perfect because I happen to be a chilly dog myself these days. Here is a brief sampling of my modeling photos. I think I could have a pretty good career, don’t you think?

These sweaters are keeping me warm and cozy these days. Especially the shark one, since it covers my ears — and unfortunately my eyes in this picture. That’s OK, I didn’t mind. Mama gave me some of my favorite biscuits after. Wearing these sweaters and cuddling with my Mama are my favorite ways to stay warm this winter. Mama wants me to tell you, Chilly Dog Sweaters are made from 100 percent wool and use plant dyes, which are safe for dogs. They also employ Inca Artisan knitters from South America who have healthy work environments.

Humans, even if you have some winter sweaters and hats, nothing will compare to gear with my handsome mug on it. Am I right? Check out some of the gear my Mama has in store for you.   


Big Daddy Biscuits logo


This beanie is something called organic — hey, I’ve heard that word before, I think that’s what my Mama’s treats are — and my Mama says it’s double knitted and super cozy. I haven’t tried it yet, personally, because I don’t think it would fit over my ears.


Big Daddy Biscuits logo

This long sleeved shirt is super comfy and super cozy. And Mama says it’s already been shrunk so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking and it becoming dog-sized and fitting me. Though I wouldn’t mind if it did because I love anything that has my face on it. Hey, wouldn’t you?





Don’t forget, my dog biscuit Fortune Cookies are still on sale from the New Year, and they feature my thoughts on life. Mama says if they’re sold out, don’t worry, they’ll be back soon. Apparently, my insights are very popular!

It looks like it’s time for more cozy snuggles with my Mama while wearing my cozy sweaters because I’m freezing! Typing this out makes my toes cold. So I’ll leave you with thoughts of warmer, fall temperatures and me wearing my favorite fall scarf. Hope all you humans and dogs stay warm!

Big Daddy