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Celebrate with Your Best Friend: Hanukkah-Themed All-Natural Dog Biscuits

Treats for Hanukkah

Oh, hi! Big Daddy here. I’m really excited because Hanukkah is coming next week at my house. I’m not really sure what that means, except that there are nine fire sticks Big Mama lights and there’s lots of gifts and delicious-smelling food. And, no, unfortunately, we can’t eat those delicious looking potato things, since they have something called onions in them that are really bad news for dogs. But believe me, I tried. They’re just so irresistible. Ask Big Mama. Oh! Even though I can’t eat those potato things, I do get super special treats. Not only do I get special treats, but you can, too!

Big Mama makes super-special, all-natural dog treats for Hanukkah (without onion so we can eat them). And, they smell even more delicious than those potato things I want to eat so badly. And what makes these treats so special? Well, first of all, they’re apparently organic dog treats, like all of my Mama’s treats, and they’re shaped like something called menorahs, Jewish stars, and dreidels. Dreidel is a really weird word for a dog, but I think they’re those tiny pieces of wood that crunch so perfectly in your mouth. But if you try to eat them, you’ll get in trouble. Trust me.

Mama says the oil in All Natural, Healthy Hanukkah Treats for Dogsthe candle lasted eight days, but she wants me to tell you that these treats can last up to three months if they’re sealed up tight in a container. I don’t know what a candle is, but I do know that I’ll probably eat all of the treats faster than that, but that’s just this dog. If you want to get some of these treats, just have your human click on the words up there that say Treats & More and then click on “Seasonal Treats.” If I had opposable thumbs, I’d be clicking that all day every day to get more treats. Trust.

Oh! And one more thing before I go, Big Mama just reminded me. You can get 20 percent off of your $25 order if you enter something called a code when you checkout. She says the code is SHALOMHOHO. She thinks it’s very silly and so do I. But you’ll remember that right? If you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, you can still use this code the rest of this month if you celebrate Christmas (or even if you don’t), since Big Mama makes Christmas dog treats, too. But more on that next time, I’m going to see if I can get someone with opposable thumbs to order me some more treats. I’ll see ya next time, everyone!

Big Daddy