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New Year’s Eve Safety For Dogs, According To Big Daddy

Hi, everybody! Big Daddy here. Sorry I forgot to write about Christmas. I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real this year and I was a little upset and didn’t want to talk about it. Yes, some Jewish dogs believe in Santa Claus. What about it? But anyway, I am here to tell you all about… Read More »

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Celebrate with Your Best Friend: Hanukkah-Themed All-Natural Dog Biscuits

Treats for Hanukkah

Oh, hi! Big Daddy here. I’m really excited because Hanukkah is coming next week at my house. I’m not really sure what that means, except that there are nine fire sticks Big Mama lights and there’s lots of gifts and delicious-smelling food. And, no, unfortunately, we can’t eat those delicious looking potato things, since they have… Read More »