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Hi, I’m Big Daddy!

Handmade, Organic Dog Biscuits from Big Daddy Biscuits

Oh, hi, there. Big Daddy here. Yes, that’s right, that Big Daddy. I guess you could say I’m the inspiration for these delicious biscuits my mom makes…and kinda a big deal, if I do say so myself. My mom, Big Mama, is the love of my life. She rescued me and my pal Snoopy about 11 years ago with another nice lady named Victoria Park, “Ms. Vicki,” who is the owner of one of my favorite pet stores, Park Pet Supply, in East Atlanta Village where I live. Oh, and PS: You can buy my Mama’s delicious biscuits and peanut butter heart twists there, too. But I digress. What do you expect? I’m a dog.

Anyway, my Mama says she fell in love with me right away, and, naturally, I was the sweetest, calmest, and most protective friend, so she wanted to give me the best and happiest life possible. And, because my Mama was so focused on my needs (and loves me oh so much), that’s when she and Ms. Vicki realized I was getting something called yeast between my pads. Ms. Vicki suggested my Mama change my food and treats, because apparently, that yeast word is no good when it comes to dogs like myself. I remember Ms. Vicki saying something about potatoes and something called grains in foods and treats that makes you get that yeast stuff in between your toes. I was sad at first that I couldn’t eat delicious potatoes or grains any more, but I guess I understand. I also didn’t like feeling that gross stuff in between my toes and being itchy.

Handmade, Organic Dog Biscuits from Big Daddy Biscuits

So they worked together to change up my food to help with my pad problem, and my Mama wanted to make dog biscuits that I and other dogs like myself could eat. Just because we have allergies, doesn’t mean we can’t eat delicious food, right? Right. Thus (I have an extensive vocabulary for a dog), my Mama’s company, Big Daddy Biscuits was born.

Mama used to make all the biscuits out of her house and then she started baking them at different kitchens around the city. Now, my Mama has a shared kitchen where she and other nice people, Randy and Lala, bake my treats and make sure they are something called “organic.” I don’t know what that means, but I do know they’re delicious. Oh, and they’re “human-grade,” but I love my treats so much, I don’t really like to share with my humans.

It’s time for my walk now, but stay tuned for my next story about my biscuits and why they’re so special! I’ll see ya later, everyone!

Big Daddy