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Environmental Benefits of Local, Organic Dog Treats

Although you already know the multiple benefits of local, organic dog treats and how it effects your dog’s overall health, you may not even realize it, but it also effects our environment.

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we have a passion for creating tasty organic dog treats that are good for both for the environment and for your pup. Find out how our local, organic dog treats are helping environment.

Why Go Local with your Dog Treats?

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we’re proud believers and stand behind our going green. We support our local communities by choosing local, fresh ingredients whenever possible. Local sourcing has a number of benefits including:

• Less fuel burned
• Less air pollution
• Fresher ingredients
• Healthier rural economies

Additionally, by sourcing local ingredients, we reduce our carbon footprint, which is incredibly important for keeping our environment healthy and sustainable.

Big Daddy Biscuits: Our Process

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we’re highly focused on creating the highest quality, human-grade dog treats, and biscuits that you can feel good about purchasing. We hand bake these treats in small-batches for the highest quality control possible from our kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. Each day, we bake and hand stamp new biscuits and package them before being shipped off to our furry friends.
In order to go green with our packaging, we recycle all of our packaging and have no “regular” trash. We also make a conscious effort to not have any waste in the kitchen. If we have a batch of biscuits that aren’t quite up to our standards because of being too browned, we donate them to PAWS Atlanta, a dog shelter in the local area. It’s important for our organization to find ways to support our local communities.

Since we hand make everything, we also limit the pollution of soil, water, and air, because there are no additives or chemicals involved. Our promise is that our products will never include fillers, additives, pesticides, by-products, preservatives, artificial colors or chemical fertilizers.

Shop Online & Visit Our Local Farmers Markets for Big Daddy Biscuits

Big Daddy Biscuits are available all over the Atlanta area and through online retailers. We also sell our tasty dog biscuits at local area farmers markets! Be sure to stop by if you see us at your local farmers market and say hi!