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February is National Dog Dental Health Month

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In addition to our treats, we also make all-natural dog soaps which protect your furry friends from fleas, so they can stay active and healthy. Our biscuits and care products can be found in multiple stores across Atlanta, around the country, and online, so your canine companion can always enjoy Big Daddy Biscuits.

Tips to a Healthy Puppy Smile

With National Dog Dental Health Month underway, let’s use this month as an opportunity to take extra care of our dog’s pearly whites! While dogs are not prone to getting cavities, they can still develop gingivitis and plaque buildup. These dental problems may seem benign, but they can lead to life-threatening infections affecting the heart, kidneys, and liver.

To help prevent these dental problems, you should get into the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth. The supplies needed are a double-headed dog brush and dog tooth paste. Caution: fluoride contained in human toothpaste can be extremely toxic to your pet, so avoid using it at all costs for your dog’s teeth.

Before brushing, make sure he is comfortable with you touching his teeth and gums. Then lift the upper lip and angle the bristles 45 degrees so they reach the gum line and brush in a circular motion. Aim to brush for a total of two minutes and try to do this routine at least three times a week.

Big Daddy Fresh Mints

Along with a weekly routine of brushing, pick up some of our Big Daddy Dinner Mints. Our mints use all-natural ingredients and help with bad breath. They’re made with brown rice flour, eggs, organic milk, activated charcoal for digestion, and fresh herbs like parsley and mint.

You can order our dinner mints online or stop by our Atlanta shop and whole retailers. With these dinner mints, you can get all the puppy kisses and no stinky breath! Brush your pup’s teeth, and reward them with our mints for extra minty fresh breath!

Celebrate National Dog Dental Health Month with Big Daddy Biscuit Treats

All pups deserve to be loved and treated with Big Daddy Biscuits. We know your dog is family, so treat them extra special with our homemade treats that will keep them staying healthy, active, and happy.

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