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Why do People Choose Grain-Free Diets for Dogs?

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In the wild, wolves and coyotes eat a diet rich in protein and little to no grains, as they are not something that the animals would find in nature. Of course, over the course of domestication, humans started feeding dogs wheat and grains from our own diet, as they are often cheaper and more readily available than meat and other proteins. Many dogs live long happy lives and never have an issue digesting the grain that could be present int heir food. However, other dogs may develop digestive and health issues from the grains.

At Big Daddy Biscuits, it’s our mission to find the best ingredients to craft fresh food for your dog for a long happy life – even if they have problems digesting grain. We offer grain-free snacks for dog owners who want to start their dog on a grain-free diet due to allergies or dietary preferences.

If you are curious about a grain-free diet for your dog, learn more about the proposed benefits.

Grain-Free Diet Benefits for Dogs

An average dog’s diet consists of around 10% grains while the remaining ingredients are composed of vegetables and meat. However, switching to a 100% grain-free diet has shown to have substantial benefits for dogs. Grain-free diets have shown to help dogs eat less, reduce allergies, and reduce stool sizes. They also give dogs more energy, healthier skin, and a shinier coat of hair.

How to Transition My Dog to a Grain-Free Diet

If you are ready to help your dog transition to a grain-free lifestyle, consult with your vet to make sure he or she is ready for a dietary change. A vet can assess if your dog is ready for a switch and depending on the size and breed, the best way to transition to a grain-free diet.

First, slowly wean your dog off grain-based food and substitute the portion for high-protein foods. Treats are a great place to start, as they are a smaller part of your dog’s total daily food. You don’t want to startle your dog’s digestive system.

By slowly taking your dog off grains, you will avoid any unwanted reactions from your pet.

Grain-Free Snacks From Big Daddy Biscuits

If you are ready to make the dietary switch, we have some grain-free snacks for your pup. Your dog will love our all-natural grain-free peanut butter dog biscuits, made with grain-free chickpea flour, banana, and cinnamon. Shop online for dog-care products, home décor, and dog treats. Order online and sign up for our newsletter to stay connected with all our new products!