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Why do People Choose Grain-Free Diets for Dogs?

Happy Ruby

In the wild, wolves and coyotes eat a diet rich in protein and little to no grains, as they are not something that the animals would find in nature. Of course, over the course of domestication, humans started feeding dogs wheat and grains from our own diet, as they are often cheaper and more readily… Read More »

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Big Mama

                                        It’s an honor our founder, Lauren Janis, is one of the five Georgians who wowed the AJC in 2016. We’re thrilled our vegan, grain-free biscuits continue to help hundreds of dogs live a happy, healthier life. Thanks… Read More »

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Benefits of Organic Dog Treats

Dozer at farmers market

Many people are choosing to buy organic foods when they visit popular grocery stores like Whole Foods for the numerous health benefits. People who incorporate more organic foods into their diets find an increased boost in energy, reduction in allergies, and other benefits. If a switch to organic food can benefit people, why not dogs?… Read More »

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Big Daddy Biscuits Holiday Gift Guide


This gift list, specially curated by Big Daddy Biscuits, is perfect for the variety of dogs and dog-lovers in your life. Choose from home décor, merchandise, and treats that will delight your friends & family and make your furry friends drool. Take a look at what we’ve put together to get some ideas for Christmas… Read More »