About Us

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Big Daddy Biscuits are made with natural and organic ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia. Each biscuit is hand-stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Mama and her small team of local bakers. Whenever possible, Big Daddy Biscuits use locally-sourced ingredients.

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we believe that pets are people too! Doesn’t your fur kid deserve high quality, locally-made treats? Our biscuits support the local economy and never contain processed ingredients.

We sell them in the 7.5 oz bags  PLUS we have hand made dog soap and gift certificates!

Before I met Big Mama, I was living life on the streets. Street living is hard, and I was hungry a lot, which made me pretty sick. A kind person rescued me and her friend Big Mama took me in. She nursed me to health and gave me lots of food and love. She saved me. Big Mama is my best friend.

Hi! My name is Lauren Janis (aka Big Mama). After seeing the way that good, nourishing food turned Big Daddy’s life around, I left my corporate job to launch Big Daddy Biscuits. My mission is to help other dogs be as happy and healthy as Big Daddy by creating dog treats using only the best natural and organic ingredients. Whenever possible, I source ingredients from local farmers here in the Atlanta Area, because I also believe in supporting your local community!

Christina–also known as “Sweet Christina”–was born and raised in Georgia and is sweet as a peach! She’s a vintage enthusiast and mom to two fur kids: her dog Colfax and her cat Grace. This is Christina’s third season at the Piedmont Park Green Market, and she loves working with Big Daddy! Her favorite part of the job is seeing the love and support from customers for Big Daddy Biscuits, and she’s proud to be a part of that. Christina looks forward to seeing her regulars this season and meeting new dogs on the scene! Make sure to stop by and say hello.



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